• Lab360 is established to support the smart hardware ecosystem.  We believe the internet is more than a flat screen and are excited to support inventors and innovators in shaping tomorrow’s technology.


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    Experienced Mentor Network

    Access a wide range of mentors from public company C-level professionals to subject experts to investors. 

    Manufacturing Help

    A 50 person dedicated team based in Shenzhen to help source, review, and assist in engaging contract manufacturers, material suppliers, and logistics.



    Funding And Value Add

    Multiple funds at Lab360 can invest from seed to late stages.  An experienced investment team helps prepare and assist future fund raising.

    Facilities And Equipment

    Our more than 10,000 sqft facility in Santa Clara and San Francisco is 24/7 dedicated to startups. An open plan office with dedicated dirty space and conference rooms. Equipment enough for electrical, mechanical, and design prototyping.

  • Mentors

    Allen Young, Founder at TopLine Incubator

    Gong Li, President of Mozilla Corporation

    Hongyi Zhou, CEO of Qihoo 360

    Jean-Baptiste Loire, President Americas at Infineon Technologies

    Lake Dai, Partner, LDV Partners

    Lawrence Wong, Founder, MetaWaves, Mobile App and Android expert

    Monisha Perkash, CEO & Co-founder at Lumo BodyTech

    Nick Zhang, Partner at JIE Capital

    Shelley Zhuang, Founder and Partner at Eleven Two Capital

    Shu Cao, Chief Engineer of Qihoo 360

    Steve Hoffman, Co-Founder of Founders Space

  • Startups

    Kali Care provide real-time medication management and improving care coordination with doctors and patients.

    Wearable and APP empowers women with solid data.

    Vertical is developing vision-based intelligence and navigation solutions for commercial drones. Their first product, Shift, is a smart drone add-on for professional aerial cinematography that simplifies the complexities of flying a drone and enables a new level for creative control.

    WaterBit is a precision agriculture company. We provide growers with a closed loop, easy-to-use, IoT solution that combines novel (patent-pending) sensor technologies with an advanced cloud-based machine learning algorithms. Collectively, our system empowers growers with a seamless, end-to-end solution, to improve farm productivity.

    Life Detection Technologies is an early stage biometric monitoring product development company innovating the DistaSense™ device for application in multiple markets and industries. LDT is moving into the final development phase with its non-contact high-fidelity remote heart and respiration signal sensor system which is designed to monitor and report target health information for vulnerable and at-risk individuals (SIDS, apnea, heart disease, elderly, etc.).

    LucidCam is a stereoscopic 3D camera which captures the world as you see and hear it. 180° wide-angle lenses enable an active view, and spacial audio enhances the experience. They are looking to bring VR to the masses.

    Dovetail is a silicon valley company using wearable sensors, mobile and machine learning technologies to reinvent health. It's creating a modern support and monitoring platform for pregnancy using proprietary software and hardware.

    Ario is building the world’s first healthy lamp that programs itself to adjust light color and direction throughout the day to support your body’s circadian rhythm.

    Pushmote provides the best service and software solutions needed to create indoor experiences and analyze indoor activities.

    CleverPet provides hardware and software to transform homes into all-day playgrounds for pets. We combine world-class design with PhD-level expertise in computational neuroscience to solve a costly and pervasive problem: the pain dogs and their people feel during the daily periods when dogs are alone and anxious. With ultra-smart devices we enable our customers to provide automatic, constructive, and intelligent engagement, and at the same time radically enhance their relationships to the animals with whom they share their lives.

    Silk Labs is a venture-backed startup that provides an intelligent software platform for connected devices.

    Sene Cameras is a consumer hardware startup that is developing a pocket sized hover-in-place camera.  Our core technology is in  photography, navigation and vision systems.

    Hinge Health develops digital health tools for chronic diseases.

    Bend Labs has developed a low power, soft sensor system for measuring human motion. Our platform consists of bending and pressure sensors combined with motion recognition algorithms that can be easily embedded in soft goods for VR/AR and athletic applications.



    Blumio is developing a sensor that can measure blood pressure continuously and is revolutionizing the future of health monitoring


    KitchenMate is on a mission to offer high quality meals at lower prices using robotics. Our machines can be programmed to cook hundreds of recipes autonomously.


    Naya Health blends innovative technology with beautiful design to create new-to-the-world health tech products for moms. In the months and years to come, we’re excited to introduce a family of smart products designed to uniquely address the needs of modern moms. You’re not alone in this anymore.


  • Locations

    4500 Great America Parkway Suite 210, Santa Clara, CA 95054

  • 818 Mission St. Suite 200, San Francisco CA 94103

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