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Paqet Systems Corporation

By:  Suzane Gemme

Good Day All!

I have just realized it can be difficult to stay on top of this blog thing and write something new semi interesting and creative each week.  However, I have chosen to not look at it this way but rather as an opportunity to get the word out about our awesome startups.  Wow, two sentences to say stay positive, exhausting!  My role at Lab360 has definitely evolved as the months have gone by.  I started as previously stated employee number 4 and the only administrative person.  The company is a startup too, however, sky’s the limit for what I can do around here and trust me I am stretching.  Balancing work, oh yeah, we have fish and a dwarf hamster we inherited at the office, I have two teenagers, dogs and the guy and hence there is no time left.  Fortunately, the good news is, I am not alone, so many of us do this for years and years until one day, we don’t!  Not sure if there is a support group for this, but I will keep a look out.  With that enough passively aggressive petulance (yes I admit I can be childish) and into the real reason we are here. 

Today I introduce Paqet Systems (pronounced ‘packet’, it’s a pun on the company name ‘Poqet’.  (More about that later.)  The concept for Paqet Systems was born a few  years ago some ex-Poqet Computer guys: Ian Cullimore, Leroy Harper, and Steve Jordan.  Other key members of the team are Paul Lessard and last but not least Duane Oto.  The Poqet PC was a full on pocket computer, really great and acquired by Fujitsu.  The guys got together and decided to design and build an operating system of their own for the Internet of Things. One of the main tasks of the Paqet system is to process internet communications packets such as TCP/IP.  Which is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet and can also be used over private networks. They have also been working on providing ultra- low power hardware designs, the Internet of Things, and Machine-to-Machine connectivity. When I finally understood what this means I thought, just what we need another language for the digital world.  Well, Paqet is not just another OS and it’s not just another IoT startup. It’s a fairly radically new idea in Operating System design, being based on principles such as Event Driver, State Machine, ultra-low power and with a very small memory footprint. It’s initially designed for ARM microprocessors, as they are the most prevalent in the marketplace. 

Behind Paqet the product are some remarkable, colorful and spirited individuals.  I have had the pleasure of working with all of the Brainiac’s behind this company and I have to say, they are impressive.

Ian Cullimore, works mainly out of the UK in a 300 year old barn converted to an office/band room/play room.  Ian has such a massive history of bringing startups to exit as well as time at large companies.  He is a SW guy, notable experience and loves the start-up environment, raising funds, talking the talk and walking the walk.  He is the marketer of the team as well as the brain behind the SW.  I don’t have enough space in this blog to tell you all about Ian, but PhD, Patent Expert Witness, Published, Television Speaking appearances, and so much more.  Next we have Steve Jordan, in my opinion Steve is the CEO I have always wanted to work for. He has a sense of humor, but appreciates process and a deadline and has a robust background in business development with industry giants Fairchild and McKinsey.    Hence Steve, CEO and management lead.  Steve likes to have his ducks in a row and get ‘er done!  Leroy Harper has the Electrical Engineering education with the business development history.  I am pretty sure Leroy could convince a zombie to eat himself (if they were real of course) he knows his material inside and out and is very passionate about his work.  I have not yet to date asked a question that Leroy cannot answer in a very interesting and colorful way (my way of saying he can simplify the tech talk to someone like me).  Paul Lessard works out of South Carolina.  Paul is the HW guy, he was introduced to the team by another ex-Poqet employee. Paul is a really dynamic and quick designer, as well as having done the ‘startup CEO thing’ successfully in the past himself. Last but not least, we have Duane Oto.  Duane is the HW Engineer extraordinaire.  He has a mix of various skill sets, a perfectionist and from what I see a straight forward realist.  He is a tremendous compliment to this team as well as a great asset for us at Lab360.  If it is broke, Duane can fix it!

During my discussion with Ian I asked him what his hardest decision to date has been in regards to Paqet, his response was simple, attending CES last year.  They did not have a working prototype but went anyway and were delightfully surprised with some interest and traction on their startup.  Yes there are competitors and I am sure there products are very nice, but what sets Paqet apart from them is the drive to succeed, all the wisdom and knowledge of their team, the size of their product and the cost.    Good luck to Paqet, looking forward to a successful and inspiring future! 

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