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By Suzane Gemme

Welcome to Lab360 HW Incubator

I am employee number 4 at Qihu 360, Inc. a Hardware Incubator called Lab360 in Sunnyvale, California.  A very little about me….I know nothing about marketing, reporting or any of that. I am just a woman who wants to get people excited about our company and the start-ups that I get to work with every day.  Living and working in the Silicon Valley since the 70’s I have seen allot of changes and am honored to be a part of the start of this Hardware Incubator.

So without further adieu, let me introduce Tarik Ozket, 22 from Istanbul, Turkey.  Tarik is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pushmote.  Now seriously I have plants older than this young man.  But after a few minutes I saw a really smart guy with a drive and passion to succeed.

Pushmote in laymen’s terms is a start-up that is working on a cloud service that will help people, businesses, etc. have a more accurate location of your online identity offline via your mobile phone using iBeacon technology.

Now I know when I heard this I was not amused, seriously more accurate than GPS, big government will surely use this technology to keep tabs on us, right?!  Alas, government conspiracies aside I took a closer look and found that like any technology, this is a service.  You can choose to use it or not!  So for those retailers, shopaholics and marketing guru’s pushing Pushmote to success is in everyone’s best interests.

Tarik and his brother Taha met their partner Gokay Hamamci “G” at  a startup weekend conference in Istanbul 3 years ago.  Pushmote was started January 2014.

In speaking with Tarik he gave me the lowdown on the 4 member team.  Tarik, CEO is the strategy man, the tough decision maker and the one who has been managing the product offering from the start.  Taha, CTO, brother and a genius when it comes to SW engineering.  Gokay is the CMO and his strengths include big picture thinker and an “outside of the box” man.  All in their 20’s this band of young entrepreneurs gain technical insight and resources from seasoned veteran Pamir, at the “old” age of 31.

Since founding Pushmote in 2014 the guys have moved to California from Turkey and are pushing forward with their product services.  Pushmote became one of the portfolio companys at Lab360 this month.  We are expecting some exciting months ahead for Pushmote!  Please visit us at and @lab360incubtaor

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