• Lab360 is dedicated to support early-stage hardware startups because we understand that the hardware development and the go to market process are very different from enterprise software and mobile apps. Lab360 functions like a hybrid between an incubator and a business accelerator where it tailors its support for each startup since each founding team, idea, and market are unique and have different needs.​



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  • Partners

    Lab360 has partnerships with Services providers for Cloud, Design and Engineering, Manufacturing and Legal/HR.


    Startups in Lab360 are automatically qualified to receive free* cloud services from major cloud service providers.

    Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Bluemix



    * Offer varies by each provider

    Design and Engineering Support

    Startups occassionally need outside help in software, hardware and mechanical design. Lab360 has selected a few partners with deep knowledge in embedded system, realtime software and UX design with experience working with hardware startups.


    Lab360 manufacturing partners include companies with locations in Silicon Valley, Mexico, Europe, as well as in Asia.

    Business Services

    Lab360 has business relationships with legal and HR firms which have focus around startups.


    Unlike other accelerators with a fixed 90 or 180 days program, Lab360 has a monthly rolling application process with a milestones-based program and an annual Demo Day.

    Funding and Value Add

    Lab360 is backed by Heuristic Capital Partners, a US Venture Fund that focuses on seed to Series-A investment. Lab360 partners with multiple funds that invest from seed to later stages. An experienced investment team helps prepare and assist future fund raising.

    Facilities And Equipment

    Over 10,000 sq.ft. facility in Santa Clara and in San Francisco with 24/7 access dedicated to startups. An open office space, conference rooms and an engineering lab with 3D printers, and other equipment for electrical, mechanical, and design prototyping.

    Experienced Mentor Network

    A network of mentors with experience in hardware business from C-level professionals to subject experts to investors.

    Manufacturing Support

    Access to selective local and global outsourced manufacturing partners to help source parts, manufacture products, and other related logistic services.



  • Mentor Network

    Lab360 has recruited a selective group of industry veterans to mentor startup founding teams. These mentors possess deep experience in all aspects of building a successful hardware business from engineering design, manufacturing, sales and marketing to business operations.

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